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An Idea...

What you’re about to wear began with an idea. It may have been inspired in a corner coffee shop, a noisy bar, a late night conversation with friends, or an inspirational quote. From there it is jotted down somewhere, maybe even a cocktail napkin. Concept material is found and shown to a designer. It then goes back and forth with the designer hammering out every single detail until it is perfect. From there it is sent to manufacturing where every detail was picked apart: the choice of fabrics, the cut, how well it handles a wash, the thickness of the ink, and the colors involved. After printing every order is then processed and shipped. Once you receive your shirt you will feel the softness of the fabric, the fit should be uniquely perfect, and the design should become a conversation starter everywhere you go. But once upon a time this piece of clothing started with an idea. What’s your idea?

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